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July 7, 2022
Halifax Citadel Exhibit Lighting Design

New in the portfolio! Check out some photos of our exhibit project at the Halifax Citadel, that opened May 7, 2022 in beautiful Halifax Nova Scotia. A collaboration with our friends and neighbours at Origin Studios and Parks Canada, the 6500 sf exhibit is a dynamic combination of traditional and interactive story telling. The Halifax Citadel is an icon in the city and one of Halifax’s most popular tourist sites.

The exhibit is titled “Fortress Halifax: A City Shaped by Conflict” and emphasizes telling the stories of the local Mi’kmaq Indigenous people. The exhibit recounts stories of the people here – the Mi’kmaq, and settlers of British, French, Acadian, Black Loyalist, and other immigrant cultures. This 6500sqft exhibit combines both traditional and virtual elements, offering a social and military history of Halifax and its impact on the region and the globe as told through the lens of the four forts that stood atop Citadel Hill.

Halifax Citadel Exhibit Lighting Design

Gabriel Mackinnon has decades of experience illuminating exhibits, and designed a full lighting system for this multi-room exhibit, with luminaires integrated into experiential rooms, artifact cases and features. Track lighting is used to allow careful aim and focus of the light fixtures, with accessories like barn doors and filters used to tailor light colour and limit glare and spill.

Halifax Citadel Exhibit Lighting Design

If you happen to be in Halifax you should go and check it out, and if not – you can see the exhibit in our portfolio and learn more at Origin Studios.