CF St-Bruno, a large shopping center on Montreal’s South Shore, has received a long awaited transformation. After more than 15 years of busy use, GMLD’s original lighting design at St-Bruno was ready for an update. The large scale chateau style fixtures were removed to make way for a bright palette of refined materials, artfully coordinated by interior designers GH+A. Many points of light sparkle on brushed stainless handrails, glossy tiles and glass railings. Strong uplighting is used to visually raise and unify the open trussed ceiling. New LED cylinder lights were used at existing fixture locations, providing energy-efficient and cost effective general lighting. Budget friendly general lighting solutions allow the overall project to shine, as savings can be reinvested into enhanced finishes and expanded scope. The St-Bruno renovation showcases Gabriel Mackinnon’s retail lighting design expertise, and our long term relationships with our clients.

Many layers of light combine smoothly to comprise an elegant design statement. Small detail flood lights are attached to trusses, providing strong gradients that brighten the ceiling and visually lighten the structure. Bold illumination welcomes visitors to newly enhanced entrances. Light grazes a modern fritted glass elevator, forming a focal point at the center of the mall. Light fixtures are subtle and architectural, maintaining the importance of the visual presentations of the retailers. Rectangular wood planes float above the second level, providing visual coherence in the large, high ceilinged space and a home for sparkling gimbal lighting. The simple retail lighting design uses standard architectural fixtures to create an entirely new ambiance, a bright and calm environment in which the retailers take centre stage.

Gabriel Mackinnon is proud to have successful long term relationships with our clients; we are often asked to re-renovate spaces that we were involved in designing decades earlier. Our second renovation of CF Les Promenades St Bruno is an example of our long standing dedication to our clients and the value and service we continue to provide.

(Photography by Yves Lefevbre)