Gabriel Mackinnon developed a family of retail lighting design standards to elevate the atmospheres of our client Metro Inc.‘s several grocery store categories. The GMLD team has collaborated closely with Metro’s internal design team, becoming a valued part of their quick turnaround design process for store renovations all over Ontario. The master design documents have enabled more efficient specifications and a consistent look from property to property, as well as allowing the head office to negotiate aggressive national account pricing with light fixture manufacturers.

GMLD has also executed the implementation of the lighting design standards for over one hundred stores, becoming a pivotal member of the design team from design concept to final aim and focus. The firm has been a key defender of lighting standards, ensuring energy efficiency and the best value for the client.

The firm also collaborated with Toronto-based custom light fixture manufacturers Nelson & Garrett to develop a bespoke Metro pendant. The bowl shaped metal fixtures are custom spun in Canada, with the interiors painted “Metro-Red.”

The Metro and Food Basics grocery store renovations are very fast moving projects with tight budgets, and GMLD is proud to keep pace, providing quality lighting design amidst tight project constraints.

Lighting master plans are not just for urban design – they can play an important role in ensuring brand consistency and improve access to lower lighting equipment pricing. Contact us at GMLD to see how we can assist in developing lighting design guidelines for your projects, or to put our retail lighting design experience to work for you!