A new dining terrace was added above the Richmond Centre in Richmond BC in 2012. We partnered with Cadillac Fairview and GH+A to develop appropriate lighting to suit the new higher end dining hall concept. The major statement of the space is a pattern of glowing baffled skylights, providing a bright and sunny atmosphere even on overcast West coast days.

Gabriel Mackinnon consulted with the manufacturer of the custom fibreglass skylight enclosures to optimize the appearance of the lighting, balancing daylighting and cove lighting. The skylight apertures within the enclosures are actually quite small, so daylighting was modeled to fully understand the effect of the sunlight in the space throughout the year. The end result is that on bright days, the interior of the skylights are day lit, with the feeling of daylight expanded by matching outer coves. At night, the glowing panels of cove lend an airy feeling to the space.